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Please note that we can custom make this mirror to any size or shape

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  A Venetian mirror is a timeless beauty that never retires. It is no wonder that these traditional designs are also still popular in this 21st century. The dynamics that go in the making of the Venetian Mirrors are mostly expert skills and handcrafted masterpieces. These are normally etched and hand-cut glass with colourful floral designs as the hallmark of all Venetian mirrors. These antique mirrors irrevocably provide a romantic inspiration in a variety of ways, from their aesthetic sensitivity, elegant designs to the extremely luxurious feel they are able to add to any home decor.

History – The Beginning

Long before man began harnessing and using electricity, mirrors were often used in most castles and luxurious large estates, as ideal sources to reflect candlelight or other natural light sources, which proved helpful in brightening rooms considerably. Venetian mirrors originally date back to the 16th century, when the artisans from Venice perfected the technique in the making of metal-backed glass that would help to create a reflective surface. Venetian mirror craftsmen were able to add beauty to these glass pieces combining etching and cut-glass designs.

Romantic Décor – Add Space & Time

These days many a people enjoy mixing various home furnishing styles to create personal, eclectic, and unique environments. Some contemporary and ultra modern decors are often selectively heightened and effectively accentuated by delicately combining them with more traditional or classical and contemporary pieces. In this light, these antique mirrors unfailingly contribute as much to the existing decor as the normal illuminating conditions of any room. A classic Venetian Mirrors unquestionably offers more than just a glint of romance. Coming loaded with its affectionately bevelled edges, elegantly mirrored borders, imagery and infinitely fancy designs or sublime intricate etchings, a Venetian mirror effectively adds opulence and genuine stability to practically all styles of home decor. Contrast this to the most modern, affluent straight-lined decor, to the immaculate artistry of Venetian mirrors capturing the imagination and adding elements of grace and natural femininity without ever being gaudy.